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Just wanted to share with you all a sad story with a happy ending.

Recently a good friend of mine emailed me wanting advice to tell her what to do with a problem she was facing with a friend of hers. I called her to try to understand the situation a bit better.

She was trying to figure out what to do for this friend at birthday lunches.  She had been hurt because this friend had come to her lunch without a card or gift.  This friend also said something about she doesn’t do cards and gifts, yet had done them a subsequent lunches.  So, my friend was really feeling hurt, as well she might.  I discussed with her what her choices were. I discussed with her what it meant to examine the motives for her choice so as to execute her decision without resentment. I asked how important the friend was to her and how that factored into her choices. I told her I could not tell her what she should do, that she needed to pray for direction, listen to God, and He would show her.

The suspicious thing was, it was about card/gift giving at birthday lunches and my birthday lunch was scheduled for the next day. Not until I went to bed that night did it dawn on me that I could be the friend she was talking about. So, I called her at 6:45 the next morning. Don’t worry, I knew she would be up and sure enough, she answered the phone as her bright sunny self. So, I asked her. She said yes.

Well, I do not remember saying what she says I did, but apparently I did. I had subsequently hurt her very much. I was brokenhearted to hear it. I immediately apolgized and asked for forgiveness.

The next day, I was so happy to have an immediate opportunity to make amends. I arrived at my birthday lunch with a gift and card to make for her.  I asked her again for her forgiveness.  We hugged and I cried.  I told her I had felt some distance from her for several months, but of course did not know what was going on.  Now, we are fully reconciled and peaceful.

I am so grateful she had enough courage to email me. I am also soooo grateful to God for speaking to me as I went to bed that night that maybe it was me she was talking about. I am so grateful that she and I could talk and that I could make amends. I asked her next time to please tell me it is me if it is me.

However, I have sensed the Lord speaking to me since that she was very courageous to do what she did. So very very many people would let such a thing come between them forever. She did fantastic. She did great. And God was so good to get through to me so I could ask about it.

God isn’t into stuffing bad feelings. He is into truth and light. This story is an example of one of His ways of Truth and Light. Matthew 18 is a great guideline for the above process.

Just makes me warm all over at the goodness of His ways of being and loving.

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