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Rape Kits

“labs,  etc., etc.  Of course this all comes back to us  the voting public  doesn’t it?  If we cared enough, as a society, about providing a dignified form of meaningful  justice for rape victims then they would have it, because we have the power to vote out anyone at any governmental level who demonstrates the least bit of indifference toward fully and enthusiastically prosecuting this crime.  The sad reality is we obviously don’t care enough.  Tragically, we don’t care enough about justly punishing rape even as much as the NRA cares about protecting our right to bear assault weapons.”

This comment posted under a previous blog about how police departments have for the most part avoided using available rape kits to collect evidence and therefore fail to prosecute.  Please pay attention to the above bolded words and phrases. ( I added the bold) Justice is important on a variety of social levels, and yet, what about the survivors too?

How will ever care enough to change?  Why isn’t there an outrage, especially for our children?  The Code of Silence, passivity, a crazy resistance to even hearing the words like ‘rape’, and people avoiding the learning needed to embrace, not reject survivors are some of the things we call denial.  There has been so much in the news the past few years about the evil secrets.  Yet we are just as evil participants when we participate in the Code of Silence. Just some simple education about the lesions in the brain that occur when someone has survived SV can be a big step to change us, our culture, bring much needed healing, safety, and justice.

I am so encouraged when I hear of a church that is taking a step forward to change.  One that I know of has a survivor group that I have coached the leader who is in the Redemption stage of recovery.  I am being invited as a guest speaker for a book discussion at a Christian Seminary and a counseling center.  Hadassah, bless their open hearts has taken the lead.  Opening up this topic in organizations does not mean the leadership has to be overwhelmed.  Even that fear lets us know that there is some acknowledgment of the prevalence.  As I write in my book, there are many creative ways to deal with the overwhelming need.

I recently had a chance to talk to a former supervisor I had when I was an intern therapist.  I told her how she awakened me to the symptoms that could mean a violation has happened.  She is still supervising (even after all these many years) and she told me that she runs into the same resistance of the topic with the intern therapists.  Never having experienced that resistance myself I had no idea that was an issue.  No wonder there are so few therapists who are well trained and savvy about this topic.  I had my share of them on my journey.

So go my thoughts for today…..

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