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Rape Kits–Thank you God

I have mentioned rape-kits in a previous blog.  It is so great that these exist.  The advent of DNA has been used to free innocent people, and its use for prosecuting rapists and pedophiles is so hopeful.  Though many cities are lagging behind or resisting doing the testing, I can  see a trend starting.

Amanda Litman has written for msmagazine the following cities that have made major changes:

  • “A decade ago, New Your City had 16,000 untested rape kits, but after bad publicity and the subsequent passage of new laws, the city tested all the kits and now keeps up to date on new ones, providing test results within two months”
  • “In Los Angeles when the police department finally cleared its backlog, they found 521 matches in the national database of known offenders.  They also found 41 instances in which the DNA from multiple kits within the backlog matched, uncovering serial rapists.”  Serial Rapists! Imagine how many possible victims got saved from them!
  • “There is hope…in new state laws, such as the one Illinois passed in July that requires law enforcement to track and send all DNA evidence for testing to one central crime lab within 10 days of collection.”

Stephanie Hallett whom I have mentioned previously writes about Joanne Archambault.  She  is a sexual-assault investigation expert.  She also founded End Violence Against Women International.  She reports that some Philadelphia Inquirer reporters found out that the Philadelphia police, sadly, had been hiding rapes for more than 10 years. The upshot of it all ignited a citywide outrage for change and the Philadelphia police began to look into thousands of cases.  The result was “681 first-degree felony rapes that had never been investigated, and another 17,000 sex crimes” from the previous five years.”  As the cases were reopened the survivors were believed.  Hallelujah!  Many of the perpetrators were found and held accountable.

I realize many Christians may recoil at even the mention of msmagazine. And rightly so.  I am not advocating their feminist movement or anything.  But lets be careful to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  I hope we can appreciate what they are doing to combat sexual violence.  They have a campaign to get the FBI current legal definition of sexual violence.  I wrote previously about what should be included in that new definition.  Though some of these women  are very high profile feminists, they realize that men and many other groups are missed by the current definition.  They are promoting laws to get cities to stay current with DNA rape-kits.  We can as Christians certainly support such changes.  I hope we can do so actively within our faith-communities.


  1. labs, etc., etc. Of course this all comes back to us the voting public doesn’t it? If we cared enough, as a society, about providing a dignified form of meaningful justice for rape victims then they would have it, because we have the power to vote out anyone at any governmental level who demonstrates the least bit of indifference toward fully and enthusiastically prosecuting this crime. The sad reality is we obviously don’t care enough. Tragically, we don’t care enough about justly punishing rape even as much as the NRA cares about protecting our right to bear assault weapons.

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