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It is true that the truths about sexual violence in our culture is a dark subject.  So, while it is vital that we face those truths in open discussions and leading forth in cultural change, especially in our faith cultures, something else is also vital. 

We need to learn how to fill ourselves up.  I was reminded of that this morning when I was walking with several neighbor friends.  We love one another so much, it is an amazing miracle of the Lord that we all live where we do and are so connected.  One neighbor starting telling us how much we mean to her, that we are as connected as her family is to her.  She is Syrian and has amazing and broad-based family connection, so her comment felt so good to me!  We hugged and kissed each other.  She loves the Lord and she expressed how He had impressed upon her the importance of not just having those thoughts and feelings, but to be sure to tell them to us.  Isn’t that amazing?  We probably had the best start to our day that anyone can possibly have. 

Last night I hosted our annual bunko Christmas party.  The house was beautifully decorated, the Christmas music on, the candles lit, the food excellent, and we had a blast.  This morning all those walking just started expressing how good it was, how much fun they had, and how everything was so nice.  Proverbs 16:24 says the “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”  I also had emails telling me how great it was.  Wow!  Have I ever been filled up with good today or what?  I am so very, very grateful. 

Give a pleasant word to someone today to be like a honeycomb, sweet and healing to their bones.  Hummm……I wonder if this concept has been studied by the medical field.  Scripture is so alive with meanings that are so beyond us.  Our good God is the only one who knows and understands exactly how intricately  we are made. 

Thank you Lord for your great goodness that is way beyond our small limited understanding.

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