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Picking up the Pieces of The Brain Reorganization Stage

Well….I last wrote on brain Reorganization the the end of October of last year…I am gradually, or so slowly, getting better from the Jan.7 oral surgery.  They drilled a medium size hole in my jaw to reach a nerve that we believe has been causing what I call teeth pain for 11+ years.   A hole in the bone takes a long time to heal, 2-3 months and I of course am not a happy camper about that.  I want to get up and go!!  I believe the Holy Spirit is working on making me more flexible and to easy on myself.

Whatever we are or have gone through is such an opportunity for our God to conform us more into His image.  The brain and heart are the keys.  Again, such a huge wound has taken place when we have experienced ANY level of SV that I pray you will all seek to cooperated with Him in the healing process.  When I last left off with brain Reorganization I was struck by the thought that some of you may search the Internet and find that sometimes your wound(s) are labeled PTSD.  I implore you to not be put off by that label.  It is just a category of symptoms that you may have (and I did). I had what is called PTSD with delayed onset because I did not go for help until about 6 years afterwards.  One therapist labeled me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which also fit my symptoms but was inaccurate because in 3 years of therapy we only had one session on the rape.   I was  just trusting her to know what she was doing and she did not diagnose or treat the problem profitably.  Anyway, I am going to continue a bit from my book here.  For those of you who have bought and read it I would very much appreciate an honest Amazon and Barnes and Noble rating.

From the chapter Road to Recovery: Healing Through Reorganization:

Help is needed at three levels after the initial aftermath of the physical care of the survivor.  One is what the survivor’s support system can give.  This can come from faith communities, close safe friends, healthy family, and or therapy and group therapy.  One author I read writes that group therapy has shown to be the most effective treatment.  There was no back up to that opinion that I could find.  However, it can be a very powerful part  of the treatment plan. Next is reading books, articles, and other educational sources about SV that provide some awakening and give a jumpstart to healing.  Writing, writing and writing is excellent.  Lastly, I am of the position that this surgery cannot be done alone and that some surgery will be needed.  Again, how deep the wound is affected by the survivor’s family, friends, and community.  If these are healthy, the surgery is very likely to be a shorter process and easier on the survivor.

Actually, I started this with writing directly from the book, but transgressed a bit from actually quoting.

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