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Oprah’s Church

Yesterday I was listening to Chuck Swindoll while out running errands.  He is absolutely my favorite pastoral teacher.  I was stunned at what he said about the church of Oprah. He said it is currently the fastest growing church in America.   I had no idea an actual church existed.  I went on You-Tube today and listened to a video about it. 

I have always admired the fact that on her show she has had many, many guests who have experienced all sorts of sexual violence.  The courage of those guests and and Oprah in doing so is just what I pray and hope the Bride of Christ will do.  That is why I have sometimes posted blogs about the shows she has done with these people. 

I feel the need to make it perfectly clear though that I do not in any way shape or form agree with her that she is a Christian and that there are many ways to God.  Her church is clearly New Age and denies the Deity of Christ. 

It is amazing to me that in the midst of evil God is still there.  Though the enemy of our souls is using her following to deceive people into being content with their old nature and therefore reducing their ability to grow and change into Christ-likeness, God has used the shows on sexual violence to also expose truth.  Truth is truth.  God created truth.  Our beliefs are not always truth, but just our beliefs.  We can and generally do believe a lot of lies about sexual violence.  Are we as Christians inviting survivors into safety to talk about their abuse?  Perhaps part of her huge following is because she has made it safer for survivors to be honest and free to talk about the truth that has happened to them. 

If we could actually get an honest survey of all the men, women, and children who have suffered any form of sexual violation no matter how ‘small’ we would most likely be shocked.  Until we break Code of Silence in our whole culture not just our faith communities, such a survey is not even possible. 

The loveliest shows she did on sexual violence were with Ted Haggard.  I posted some blogs on those.  She interviewed him shortly after his problems were exposed and did at least one follow-up one.  Even before he said it, I said to myself that he has been sexually abused, then he said it.  Has his being on her show helped break this incredible Code of Silence in our churches?  Are we wanting to know these truths?  Do we want to invite survivors into healing journeys like Ted has been on?

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