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One Surprising Bill Cosby Legacy

One Surprising Bill Cosby Legacy

Great joy for all of you who had the great blessing of sharing the holidays with friends and family.  I had some fun time with both and I count it all joy!

The new year brings in some encouraging news for survivors and their families.

The opinion page of the Sacramento Bee says Bill Cosby’s legacy may turn out to be the opposite of what he hoped for.  One upshot of what has happened to him is there was a scene that reignited calls for states to eliminate the statute of limitations for filing charges in sexual assault cases.

This kind of change is needed because generally people do not understand that most survivors tell their stories later in life if at all.  I am a witness to this after so many years of treating survivors.  I know of one in Washington right now that in her late forties she is just now telling her story.

Diane H. Russell is a great author to read if anyone doubts my experience.  She has books documenting survivor interviews and all the reasons these survivors never reported.

What is most exciting to me though is the fact that across the country  $80 million has been set aside to start processing backlogged rape kits.  I wrote about this issue in my book in 2012.  The public rarely even knows that such kits are collected when a rape is reported and evidence collected.  All kinds of hard evidence are in these kits, including DNA.  There are more reasons than just money that keep them from being processed yet the money is a good start.

If these were processed across the country and we just got serial rapists alone off the streets the public that would be one amazing happy event.  Other perpetrators ( not just serial ones) can also be caught and all in all make us a little safer from these predators.

Next time I will be returning to the 4’R and the some remarkable proof of healing and Redemption.

Happy New Year!

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