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One Amazing Hope Story

I just spent the last week at a Level II Thrive course in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  What is Thrive you might ask?  Would you like to get on a joy building journey?  I am convinced there is nothing better, since we are designed by our Creator to live in joy. Though we worked and prepared it was a blast!  If interested visit

“NUNS AID MIGRANT VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING IN ITALY” so goes the title of an article by Elizabeth Provoledo in the New York Times.




(Again I must remind you all it is impossible to traffic sex.  It is rape trafficking and we can get used to the real words)

So there have been tens of thousand of migrants who have been braving the Mediterranean to reach European shore in hope of a better life.

This one Nigerian woman landed and was immediately ’embraced’ by the traffickers who arranged her journey.  They told her she owed them $56,000.  She could not speak their language, was all alone, and found herself at their mercy. They took her documents and forced her into prostitution in Palermo Italy. So instead of a better life she was caught up in a billion-dollar international market of human exploitation.

What a courageous woman she was.  There are some who have found a haven and she is one of them.  She rebelled, coaxed a nun who helps prostitutes to pass on the address of a shelter in Caserta, north of Naples.

“The cooperative is important because it shows them that can make money not with their bodies, but through their creativity.  It is highly liberating.” Sister Rita Giaretta, one of the nuns of the Caserta safe house.

For the woman I mentioned above (who does not want her name used) she shares a tidy apartment in a modern building with about six other women.  They work together in a sewing cooperative.  It is run by the shelter called Newhope, whose goal is to equip the women with skills and confidence.

This one house holds about 370 women most of whom have fled from Nigeria.


  1. Julie Mack says

    My friend lost her daughter for about a month to sex trafficking in Detroit, Michigan. My friend had read about the signs of sex trafficking and feared her daughter was caught up in it. She was right. They police raided a SF house, and brought her daughter to the police station for 14 hours of questioning before releasing her. This happened last month. I was very surprised to find this in our own “backyard” and that one of my friend’s daughters was a victim. She is only 18 years old.
    Thanks for posting the story about Italy.

  2. Thank you for posting this Julie. I am so very sorry this happened to this young woman. In this country we seem to somehow think we are not like other countries when it comes to these types of issue. So not true!! These things are happening even in our own neighborhoods. After all, who is going to talk about it? Ahhh..The Code of Silence reigns.

    God bless you.

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