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New Website Announcement!

Dear Readers,

Next time, I will be getting back to where last left off on the Unintended Journey of the 4 R’s of Recovery; my real passion.  These give hope and healing to survivors.

Awareness, discovery and convictions are fabulous.  And a single survivor’s healing is just as important; maybe even more so?

Meanwhile, this announcement is to introduce my brand new state of the art website done by  They did a great job.


4 Things You Will LOVE About the NEW

Oh my Lord, I am being propelled into the electronic age beyond my comfort zone, which is a good thing these days….I suppose.

If you haven’t noticed by now I have launched a brand new website design for With much deliberation and thought of how I could provide a better experience for you the visitor, I decided the pros far outweighed the cons.

There are 4 major improvements that you will LOVE:

  • The new site is built on a WordPress (Content Management System and within the Genesis Framework). This means it will provide blazing fast speeds loading pages, images, videos, etc.
  •  The site is a Responsive Theme, Better known as Mobile Responsive. This means whether you’re visiting it from your Smartphone, iPad, Kindle or computer it will be fully functional for you at all times.
  • I have taken extra steps toward online website security and have added a few features to ensure your experience is safe and sound. The goal is to prevent website attacks, repel hacking attempts, and forbid any malware. Though there is no 100% security for any site in this modern day, I take this very seriously and want you to know you are Safe when using this site.
  • Socially Connected, you now have the ability to connect with me via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and especially thru my Email Sign-up to make certain you have the easiest ways to stay connected and informed.

There are many more substantial benefits of the NEW site design that we can get into at a later date, for now I wanted to Thank You for visiting, reading, learning, engaging and being a part of this wonderful community with a primary goal of finding support and healing for survivors, and getting the word out about sexual and physical violence. I sincerely hope you enjoy these upgrades and look forward to connecting with you in 2014.

Kudos to my wonderful website designer who has gone beyond the call of duty to clean up the old and bring in the new!   Thank you Lord, and thank you Anthony.  I also thank all of you who find value in using the site and are faithful followers.


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