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Needs at Hospitals Where Evidence is Taken

Wow!  It seems like ages since I have been able to post a blog.  My book is scheduled for a fall launch as both an e-book and hardcover availablility.  The detail work that goes into making sure all quote permissions and citations are updated and accurate are amazing.  Would rather be blogging!  The following need just really struck at my heart however.  These survivors are in the Ravaged I stage of shock.  Such tender mercies as the clothing can really mean the world to them as they now begin thier own Unintended Journey.  God never, never intended for this to be anyone’s journey.  In this sinful world we either face the challenge of the journey or we become one of the Walking Wounded.  I meet these all the time.  So sad.
The following recently came accross my desk: 
We recently learned that if anyone is taken to Valley Medical Center due to a sexual assault, they are usually required to leave their clothing as forensic evidence.  Adding insult to injury, they have been offered a paper “gown” for their ride home in a police vehicle or taxi.
The Grateful Garments Project has been started to gather funds or new clothing to offer these victims.
The Grateful Garments Project is seeking the following NEW (per Health Care Code) items:
T-shirts (adult and youth – all sizes)
Sweatpants/Sweatshirts (adult and youth – all sizes)
Underwear (adult – all sizes)
Sport Bras (all sizes)
Flip Flops / Slip-on sandals (all sizes)
any travel sized toiletries
You could also make a check payable to The Grateful Garment Project (tax deductible).
Though the “target” group is women 16-35 years old, they have seen men as well and victims ranging in age from 6 months to 98 years old.
Note the ages 6 months to 98.
The above project happens to be located in San Jose, CA. 
If there are other hospital locations accross the country where evidence is taken it would be so fabulous to hear where they are.  If anyone feels moved to send clothing to Valley Medical Center that would be great too. 
For more information:

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