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More From the Rape Crisis Center

The following is published from the YWCA Rape Crisis Center in San Jose, CA; the second largest in the state next to Los Angeles.

Men Are Sexually Assaulted

  • Tens of thousands of men are known to be sexually assaulted every year.
  • It is estimated that 1 in 6 men are victims of sexual violence.
  • There is a great social denial of the fact that men are sexually assaulted.  It is believed that male sexual assault is under reported because of how difficult it is to come forward.  It is thought that only 5% to 20% of victims report the crime.
  • Rape is a crime of power, violence, & domination–not sex.
  • Male teenagers & children are also sexually assaulted.  According to the Justice Department, one half of the rape victims are under age eighteen.
  • 1 in 5 men reported being assaulted in prison last year.  While prison rape may receive more attention than other male sexual assaults, the majority are not incarcerated.
  • Sexual assault is the fastest growing violent crime in the nation.
  • The fact that a man is sexually assaulted by a man or by a woman has no bearing on his sexual orientation.
  • Heterosexual, gay, and bisexual men are equally likely to be sexually assaulted.
  • Physical reaction, such as an erection or ejaculation, to sexual assault is an involuntary physiological response.  It does not mean the victim consented to enjoyed the sexual act.  This response is common and in no way implies consent.
  • Rape does not make the victim less of a man.
  • Males can be sexually assaulted by a female or male, although the majority of perpetrators are defined as heterosexual males.
  • Sexual assault is not about sex, it is about power & control over another individual.

Sexual violence does not discriminate.  Anyone, including males, can be a victim of this crime.  Many victims, especially young boys, are assaulted by people they trust.  This makes it difficult to prevent the sexual assault.

Fault only lies with the person who commits the crime.

Exhaustion, intoxication, threat of violence, physical domination, or psychological pressure can make it difficult for a male to prevent sexual violence.

 It is not his fault if his attacker was someone he knew and trusted.

It is not his fault if he had previously been intimate with his attacker.

It is not his fault if he was unable to fight back or incapacitated.”

There are two national YWCA numbers to call.  The first is located in Los Angeles, CA and the second in Daytona Beach, FL: 1 877.943.5778 and 1 800.940.7273

The San Jose CA 24 hour hotline is 408-287-3000 or 650-493-7273.  Counseling referrals are at 408-295-4011 ext. 233.

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