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More From Linda Goldston’s Reporting….

King called the girls “stupid bitch” and “you are an idiot”  if they did not swim as well as he wanted…

“Kelly’s letter led to a series of e-mails from regional swimming officials and top officials in Colorado.  Joe Woo, Pacific Swimming’s age group vice chairman at the time, wrote to the head of Pacific Swimming: “I think we need some legal advice–quick.”  He wrote that King had asked to be named 2003 Western Team Head Coach, leading 80 swimmers and eight or nine coaches at all-star meets.”

In a Jan.27, 2003, email, Chuck Wielglus USA Swimming’s executive director said that he had sought legal counsel.  Here is the result of that counsel!!!

“1.  No formal complaint is being filed, so there is no formal action for you or us to take.  2.  You should monitor the situation and alert us if any new information comes forward.  3.  USA Swimming will open a file on the matter and …will take no action …4.  This matter should be kept confidential by both you and us.  5.  When and if any new information comes forward we will assess the situaion at that time and determine if any action is required.”

Clint Benton, Pacific Swimming’s organizational general chariman, confessed he did absolutely nothing to monitor the situation or do any follow-up.  He just said he kept his ears open.

“…in  2002 USA Swimming was contacted by the mother of a girl King coached in Oak Harbor, Wash.”  Her email had the name of the swim club and she …said her daughter had been sexually abused by her coach and wanted to know if USA Swimming could do something.”  Local police later investigated the claim, but King immediately quit that job and left town…he had been asked to appear at a meeting to discuss these concerns about his behavior.  Then three years later he got the promotion he had asked for!!

USA Swimming has published a list of 46 coaches who have been banned for life.  ” The list includes the coach that Kelly had warned USA Swimming about years before he was sent to prison for molesting his young swimmers: Andrew King.”  46 coaches banned for life!!!

How many young lives, girls and guys, have been damaged because of our skewed value system that has Image Management and Money set far above Life.  Many, many young lives are now damaged with an emotional, psychological, and spiritual cancer.  I hope they go get help and receive good help.

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