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The following excerpts are from his book that describe Ronald’s manipulations:

“He was handsome and a great dresser…very charismatic and he charmed everyone….We were excited to have him take an interest in me….He spent a lot of time with my family and me….just hanging out at the house….felt good to be around him.  He was funny.  But what I like best about him was that he thought I was special.  He liked to spend time with me….gave me all the affection that I had never received from my own father”(ibid) 45.   Todd then states how he just wanted his own dad to be proud of him and just take an interest in him.  Such a basic need.  Ronald met these needs for awhile.  Todd was so young and vulnerable.

More excerpts:

“But Ronald was different.  Ronald was more like what I’d always wanted a dad to be….He thought I could do anything…I loved that Ronald would go out of his way to make me feel special” (ibid)46.

He describes what was a typical time with Ronald.

‘”…I do remember him asking me if I wanted to go throw the football around in the yard…I was always up for a game with him.  A typical afternoon with him would have gone something like this.  Ronald draped his arm around my shoulders and gave my Afro an affectionate rub with his fist while we walked out to the backyard.  We smiled at each other and spread out, so we could throw the ball back and forth.  “Does your dad play catch with you?”  Ronald asked.  No, never, ” I said.  He threw me a pass and smiled at me when I landed it .  I beamed back at him, so excited for the attention he was giving me..  “Anytime you need someone to be there for you, I’ll be there.” Ronald said.  I stood with the ball in my arms, taking in what he had just said.  It was exactly the kind of thing I had always wished my dad would say to me instead of yelling at me or slapping me on the back of my head…I wanted so badly for him to keep on liking me and wanting do do things with me…”Good game, little man,” he said, smacking me on the butt as we went inside” ‘ (ibid) 46,47. 

He bought Todd expensive presents.  Once it was a $300 bike, and the best thing about getting it was that Ronald spent time with him to teach him how to ride it.  Can you hear the needs of the child’s heart?  There are many more example of the master manipulation of Todd that was taking place as a set up for the sexual molestation. 

What Ronald did next time.

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