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Mexico Goes Pink

An article in the San Jose Mercury News noted that in Puebla, Mexico,Dubai, and Moscow there are fleets of pink taxis that are driven by, and pick up, only women.  They are pink.  They shield women from leering male drivers.  They also have alarm buttons, GPS systems, and a beauty kit. 

Hummm….what gives men the right to leer at women anywhere?  Think it doesn’t happen in America?  Are these taxi’s really safer?  What is the logical outcome of men leering at women; do you think it is only leering and therefore inconsequential?

There are many good men in all cultures who would never leer at or even think to take advantage of a women. However, the pink taxis is evidence that too many women feel unsafe. A man who would leer has a sever character problem and protection is needed . To the extent this goes on is evidence of a rape based, sexual violent culture.

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