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#metoo, And You also

In the quiet of the morning today, sitting in front of a fire with my morning coffee, I reveled in the amazing wondrous sound of rolling thunder, especially rare in the month of May.  I love thunder.  Where I live such sounds are an extraordinary phenomena.

Most of you know I was raped at gunpoint in 1982.  Before I started getting help I deteriorated into a quite a mess which I will not go into today.  This story is  written in other places and I welcome any questions.  The following story took place in the mid 90’s.  So, it had been a long time in between..

Many years ago I also had a rare and unique experience with a psychologist.  I have a strange and debilitating pain condition.  In my journey to find relief I found myself seeing this man to find out if neurofeedback would work.

When asking me questions he became intensely interested in my rape story, he studied my website, and was so intrigued that I could talk about it so calmly.  He invited me to do a session with all neurofeedback paraphernalia hooked up and he would question me about aspects of the rape.  He wanted to find out if I had any physiological response whatsoever to the questioning.  I did not.  I was perfectly peaceful inside, relaxed and appreciated that I was being tested in this way.  This experience gave me significant evidence that my painful, long, stumbling and bumbling journey to heal was worth it all.  I felt really good inside.

And the best thing about being on the other side of this Unintended Journey is continuing to find out the amazing way of life God has invited me into.  I am now on my Intended Journey.  I have discovered there is type A trauma and type B trauma.  My rape is an example of a type B trauma. For more information about the difference between the two I refer you to a small book The Life Model: Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You by several authors including Dr. James Wilder.

I have grown so much and love continue growing into the person God has designed me to be.  There is amazing joy, peace, life and love in relationships that our Lord intends for all us.  There is life beyond the pain of sexual assault.

Not only do I encourage everyone to indeed do the work to heal from sexual assault of all kinds, but want to give you a vision, if I am able, of a life you may have never thought possible.


  1. Dora Simms says

    Thank you for including me in. I appreciate what you have posted.

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