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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. 

After sin entered the world through the choices of Adam and Eve, God kept trying to help mankind get on track with His ways of Life and Love.  Mostly though, we want to do things our way.  Time and again throughout mankind’s history we go down the wrong moral paths: from the time of Noah, through the tower of Babel, the Israelite journey through the desert, the downfall of Israel, etc., etc.  It is no different today, except that we can have a relationship directly with Jesus who is there to help us continue to ‘course correct’ our lives towards His good and perfect will.  He has determined to make the best of our bad choices, and we all do and have made them.  This is why we celebrate His birth.

I have a special wish this Christmas season.  I wish for a world that is free of sexual violence.  I want all little children, women, and men to be safe from the sinful choice of others to take what is not theirs to take.  In fact, they are taking something sacred from another human being.  I want to be able to move across the world on Christmas Eve and protect all the little ones who have a parent/caretaker who will even have a thought about using their little bodies for something so selfish, damaging, and downright evil.  What is more, the damage is not only to the victim, but the abuser too. 

Thank You Jesus for coming down here, because we are in desperate need of You.  You are the only hope for all survivors to not only heal from what has been taken from them,  but to also provide  redemption.  Redemption is when God takes what the evil one meant to harm you with and turns it around for good in the world.  It does take work (i.e. getting on the path of the Unintended Journey) to get to the point of finding such redemption, and it is so worth it because it is the best revenge against our only real enemy, satan.  (I will not dignify the name with a capitol letter)


  1. Margie Weidert says

    I didn’t realize that I was holding my breath so much while reading your blogs. Your writing is so incredibly powerful, sincere, from the heart, with the purpose of helping those who may have experienced a similar experience. Since I have a granddaughter going to college next year, I was especially interested in your comments about a rape-free college experience. I just attended a travel presentation on Tuesday, and the woman related her experience of being raped as a real estate agent and how it drastically changed her whole life. She now heads the “Flyer’s Rights” organization and often goes to Washington for lobbing . After her rape experience her husband took her to a healing spa, long story short, it took her 57 hours, stranded on planes at various points from Cal to Georgia. She recently had a “three hour limit” passed in Jan that forbids the airline to keep passengers “captive” on a tarmac without food and water, and in some cases, compensation. But, her rape experience took her to new levels in her healing process. Just like your experience, her attacker was never found. You may want to do an interview with her sometime. God Bless you, Sherrill, for this valuable ministry to women. I am sure that guilt and fear are at the top of feelings for the victim. The most important aspect from what you said, is for the woman to get the help she needs, first of all from reading your blogs and book. They will see themselves in there somewhere and hopefully have the courage from God to get the treatment that will hopefully give the well-deserved peace and help they need. Love, Margie

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