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A little more on MASV hoping to entice all you men out there to visit their site….

“What is sexual violence?”

Sexual violence violates a person’s trust and feelings of safety.  It occurs anytime a person is forced, coerced, and/or manipulated into unwanted sexual activity.  The continuum of sexual violence includes rape, incest, child sexual assault, ritual abuse, date and acquaintance rape, statutory rape, marital or partner rape, sexual exploitation, sexual contact, sexual harassment, exposure, and voyeurism.

Most sexual assautls of males are perpetrated by other males.  However, male rape has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of either the victim or the offender.  Rape is not an expression of sexuality; it is a crime that is motivated by a need to control, humiliate, and harm.  Therefore, male rape does not mean that a heterosexual victim will become gay, or that a homosexual victim caused the assault.


The Facts of Male Sexual Violence

Sexual violence can and does happen to males.  Men and boys are sexually assaulted and molested everyday n the United States.  However, false assumptions, popular stereotypes, and the belief that men are immune from sexual assault help us ignore the fact of male rape.  This ignorance adds to the shame and isolation of male victims….


Go to a safe place. Call someone you trust for emotional support.  In Pennsylvania, contact your local rape crisis center at 1-888-772-PCAR.

If the sexual assault has been committed by someone close to you, get immediately to someone who you can trust.  You may be experiencing feelings of embarrassment or humiliation, but it is very important to get help as quickly as possible.

Seek Medical Attention. Male rape is often violent and frequently involves weapons.  Because of the high risk of genital and non-genital injury, it is important that you seek medical attention.  Hospital staff are trained to perform male rape exams to collect evidence and check for injuries.  they can also treat you for possible STDs.

Valuable evidence of the assault remains on your body and clothes.  Do not eat, drink, smoke, comb your hair, shower, urinate, or defecate before going to the emergency room.  However, if you have already done these things, do not let this stop you from seeking medical care.  Also, place the clothes you were wearing during the assault in a paper bag and take them with you to the hospital.”

These words are so powerful coming from men, for male and female survivors. 

The YWCA also has rape crisis centers nationwide.  I will blog more on this organization next week.  I have met with Sandy Davis, the head of my local rape crisis center.  This organization is fantastic.  There may be other state-wide organizations like PCAR and if so, we need to hear from you, especially if you have men’s groups who are committed to end sexual violence.  There may be other countries with such groups.  We need to hear from you and a network of information gathered.  I hope we can form a nation-wide or even world-wide male organization like the above.  Such a force can make drastic change for a rape-free world possible. No doubt such a force would be the good and pleasing will of God who hates to see things wrong and is always about setting thing right.

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