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“Man gets 6 years in molestation”

The following is an article by Sean Maher.  It was printed in the San Jose Mercury News.  His email address is

“REDWOOD CITY–A man who pleaded no contest to charges of molesting his girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter could have faced a life sentence but was instead ordered Friday to serve six years in prison. 

Jose Vargas Cortez, 25, was accused of three counts of molestation that occurred between October 2007 and February 2008. 

Prosecutors said the crimes occurred in the victim’s home, in a family bedroom.  In at least one instance, the girl’s mother and sister were sleeping in the same room at the time the molestation occurred, they added.

Because the girl was younger than 10, Cortez could have faced a life sentence for the crimes, but instead, he took a deal pleading no contest to two counts. 

Cortex’s attorney did not immediately return a phone call Friday afternoon asking for comment.”

When I was raped, the man who raped me was out of jail on $250,000 bail.  He was charged with 7 out of 8 counts of rape on the charge the bail was set for.  In 1983 those 7 counts carried a sentence of 7 years per count, a total of 49 years.  He was given a 10 year sentence and was out in 5. 

Is anyone outraged at these types of light sentences?  Would they be the same if it were murder?  The victim a man? This child is marked for life and will have to deal with consequences of this man’s behavior in ways very few people really understand.  Also, please note that these types of molestation can occur in presence of anyone.  This concept is very hard for most people to understand as well.


  1. Thank you for your encouragement Kimothey! I will blog and am praying for a national (world-wide?) movement to create a rape-free culture. It is possible and there are some examples of it that I have blogged about. Dr. Peggy Sandy at the University of Pennsylvania has studied them. Pennsylvania also has a group, Hummm…seems like something great and pleasing to the Lord might be happening in Pennsylvania. Where is the Bride of Christ in providing this leadership for change?

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