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Live Action

I listened to the most amazing radio show the other day.  Lila Rose was talking on theTroy King show.  You can view her picture and information at

Apparently the attorney general in Alabama is bringing charges against a Planned Parenthood center.  A young girl with repeated abortions was not reported as suspected child abuse.  This example is one of many.

As a mandated reporter myself I understand the mandate is to report if there is even just a suspicion of abuse.  Nothing needs proved, Child Protective Services has the job of investigating. 

I never thought about Planned Parenthood being complicit in child sexual abuse.  Since they are there to make money, it makes sense that it is in their best interest to just do all requested abortions, get the money, and not ‘rock the boat’ so to speak.  I am appalled at the opportunity to damage our children this is.  Doctors are mandated reporters, even if they are abortion doctors.  It would seem that Lila Rose and her team are uncovering serious crimial actions. 

The following is from the Live Action website:

“Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are contributing to the abuse of young girls.

The Mona Lisa Project videos document Planned Parenthood’s willingness to repeatedly violate mandatory reporting laws for statutory rape that protect children.

Our series of hidden camera investigations, collected by a team led by Lila Rose in summer 2008, provide the public the inside story about the abortion industry and its abuses across the nation. Despite a consistent pattern of lawlessness and abuse, Planned Parenthood receives over $320 million from taxpayers each year. The tax-exempt “nonprofit” netted $100 million in net income last year including revenue of over $120 million directly from performing over 305,000 abortions.

We hope that our project will lead to criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood so that their business practices will be forced to comply with governing laws that protect young girls. Visit our Action Page to help in this effort.”

I hope you will visit this site.  There are videos available of some of their investigations. 




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