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Kristen Lewis Cunnane

Have you heard about her?   her name is Kristen Lewis Cunnane.  She has started dreaming again.

Her story is that a trusted teacher and sports coach started raping her.  The teacher/coach is female, Julie Correa.  The raping lasted for four years, all through high school.

Kristen is 30 now.  In 2010 she pressed charges.  Julie was sentenced to eight years in prison last year. She actually had some fight in her even during some of the rapes.  The rapist had kept her on a leash with a secret cell-phone.  After a date with Scott Cunnane in her senior year she had to courage to discard the cell phone.  Then, after her 18th birthday, even though she expected to be killed, she bravely told Julie to stop.

What is a major source of Kristen’s strength?  Her army.  “It has been five months since Cunnane’s friends got her dressed and held her steady as she stepped into the courtroom for Correa’s sentencing.”  What a beautiful picture that is.   Teri McKeever is Kristen’s boss at Cal and also “…the U.S.Olympic women’s swim coach for the London Games in the summer.”  Kristin considers KMcKeever and a close circle of friends to be her army.”  It is even named ‘Kristin’s Army.’  Her husband gave her a framed copy of the court document for Christmas.  It is surrounded by cards, letters,  and photos of family, friends, and Cal swimmers.

I cannot stress enough how much of a difference these relationships make.  They are her source of resilience.  Obviously, they are the opposite of judgmental and blaming.  Love and compassion fuel the strength they give her or else she would much weaker.

She was just a kid and yet the above actions took guts.  Her talents as a swimmer make her a successful coach and mentor today, without being an abuser.

She remains in therapy today.  She has broken the Code of Silence, and is obviously moving in her Unintended Journey.  May we all cheer her on!
Quotes taken from “Silence Over, Life Reclaimed’, Matthias Gafni and Malaika Fraley,  San Jose Mercury News May 27, 2012.



  1. IG a multi million dollar settlement doesnt hurt either.

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