Knee Surgery

Well, about a week and a half ago I had knee surgery.  After a year a half of telling doctors about odd pain I was experiencing, x-rays showing nothing, reflexes fine, basically being told there was really nothing wrong with it, I found the back of knee to be seemingly swollen.  I do not mean to bash doctors here.  They are simply the practitioner of the art of medicine, which is in fact an art, not a science.  So, once again I tromped into my doctor’s office and sure enough he said, I had a baker’s cyst. 

Turns out that they used to remove these cysts years ago, but the cysts just came back.  So, I needed surgery for a torn meniscus.  An MRI was done and low and behold I had no ACL in that knee (anybody know what that stands for?).  So, I presently have a cadaver ACL (thank you to whoever you are for your ‘organ’ donation generosity).  My meniscus is repaired and I now face 6-8 months of recovery.  Recovery means I do certain movements and exercises on my own, go to therapy, and follow the doctor’s orders. 

Hummm….serious parallels to other types of therapy I am familiar with!

So, exercise nut that I am, I am really chomping at the bit to start moving!!  I want to walk again!!  I want to do my almost daily 3 miles.  I have been doing some stretching and a little upper body work with some cd’s that I have.  I sure hope I am not over-doing it.

It happens that this is my right knee I have been talking about.  If you ever have to have anything like this done, please make sure it is your left one!!  I am going to drive myself to a doctor’s appointment and do some grocery shopping a couple of days from now.  How? By driving with my left foot.  I will lift this thigh to ankle leg brace up over the console of my car and yes, drive with my left foot.  I practiced doing this before the surgery.  If any of you are doubters, my surgeon actually told me to do this, so I will.  In this much too busy world we live in, others are just not always available.  I really want to get out on my own anyway. 

So, three months before any jogging.  Bummer.  I really do not do a lot of that at my age, but love to when I can.  We have a neighborhood walking group that is a lot of fun, and sometimes I just drink in a morning walk by myself.   It is such a time of worship, prayer, and practicing my memorizing of the book of James.  I am slow as a snail on this endeavor, and may die before I really get it done, but the journey of memorizing a book of the Bible (you might notice I picked a very small one) has been amazing.  Getting the Word deep within me is indescribable. 

Well, I went from knee surgery to scripture memory.  Humm….how did I get to that?  Oh well, the results of both are good.

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