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It’s No Surprise Right? And Here Is An Example Of What Is Happening Around The World

International Justice Mission is great.   I wanted to get this out sooner but so much is coming in to post that I forgot I even had this one as a draft.  So, a bit outdated, and yet not, at the same time.   These needs are all over the world, and IJM is constantly working like the example below.  I vouch for them since I have been on a mission trip with them to treat rape survivors.  Their creativity, ability to partner with other organizations and governments is amazing to me.

The following story is from one of the newsletters they send out.

Update: Six Women Rescued from Sex Trafficking

The IJM Team

Jul 26

Dear Sherrill,

We rejoiced when we heard the news from our team in Mumbai, India and thought you would like to hear the good news too. Just a few weeks ago our staff in Mumbai received a call from local police asking for IJM’s help to rescue girls who were being trafficked and exploited for sex. Our team moved quickly with the police and rescued six young women from an abusive brothel in one of Mumbai’s red-light districts, including one woman who said that she hadn’t seen sunlight for three months.

We’re so thankful they are free! Now they are safe in government shelters and beginning the road to healing and restoration. Our IJM social workers will continue to support each survivor and develop a long-term plan for her health and wholeness.

Below is a picture of the iron gate leading to the brothel where the young women were being held and exploited. These dark places are real, but because of your support, these girls are free. Thank you! You make this work possible. Rejoice with us that they are no longer trapped in that place!  

 IJM Photo from Rescue Operation in Mumbai

If you’d like to read the full story, you can do so here on our website.

With Joy & Gratitude,

The IJM Team


PO Box 58147 | Washington | DC | 20037


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