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Is it dark?

Hummm….recently I was given a suggestion to make ‘lighter’ blogs because I was too serious and the subject matter too dark.  Do those of you who are surviviors of sexual violence agree with that assessment?  How do you feel when someone wants to know exactly what happened to you and then they sit and listen quietly?   How do you feel when you read some of these blog entries?  Is this a dark subject? 

If you are one of those who thinks it is dark you are of course entirely correct.  All forms of sexual violence (and there are many) are evil, dark, and horrific even if it was a one time molestation.  Who wants to talk about such stuff?  Well, getting real and opening up this topic is the very medicine that starts to lighten it up.  Caring, truth, compassion, being quick to listen, are all some of Christ’s natural medicines that heal this junk.  What do you some of you survivors think?

Truth is always the road to freedom, not hiding, shame and secrecy. So, to break this topic open is the way to get lighter and relieve the heavy burdens survivors carry.

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