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In South Carolina….

In South Carolina teachers are being trained in how to help prevent child sexual abuse.  A Charleston-based national non-profit is helping to educate people in many aspects of responding to child sexual abuse.  Wow!!  Yipee!!  Yay! 

In the November 27, 2009 Spartanburg Herald Journal an article by Lee G. Healy explains the organization’s seven steps to prevention.   They are as follows:

“Learn the facts and understand the risks; minimize opportunity; talk openly about it with children; stay alert; make a plan by knowing how to react; act on suspicions; and get involved with organizations that fight child sexual abuse.”

Are there any churches or Christian-based organizatons out there that are taking the lead in promoting awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence?  Awareness is the first step to making a difference.  The current lack of awareness is costing church congregations in ways they do not understand.

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