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Immanuel Healing

God with us.  Immanuel.  This healing approach to all kinds of current pain in our lives is very effective.  It has been developed over several years through Shepherd’s House, Inc.  The primary developers are E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey.  Dr. Wilder is a psychologist as well as an ordained minister.  He is the author of books such as The Complete Guide To Living With Men, The Red Dragon Cast Down, and a co-author of Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You, A Life Model.  I have read all of these, and cannot recommend them highly enough.  The Red Dragon was my favorite until I recently read Living With Men.    The Life Model I have used since 1990.  It has been updated with some revisions several times since then.  I used it as a supplemental text when I taught at Western Seminary.

The Rev. Chris Courtney has worked with Dr. Wilder for many years developing the Thrive program.  My husband and I have started this program and I am really looking forward to going through it.  It is part of our journey to climb what Dr. Wilder calls Joy Mountain.

We are designed by God to live in the state of joy.  Is that a radical concept to most of you?  Babies choose to look at faces that are smiling.  We use denial to try to achieve some sort of happiness and peace. Makes sense if we really think about what heaven must feel like.  Well, these two men have developed a healing method called Immanuel Healing.

The following is a quote from one of their brochures.  “When the pain-processing pathways in the human brain cannot figure out how the painful events fits together, our mind will keep the painful memory active.  Every time something similar happens ( I want to say anything that triggers a memory) the unfinished memory gets mixed in with the current event. Trauma comes from events that leave us feeling alone.  When we have God with us (Immanuel) we  are no longer alone and discover how to recover.” ( bold added by me)

In their booklet Share Immanuel; The Healing Lifestyle they write the following, ” Immanuel healing is based on the belief that God is always able to direct and influence our lives but we are not always able to perceive God’s presence or recognize it as God.”

Their work and success with this process coincides with what I write in my book Redeem The Silence; An Unintended Journey.  I call it connecting the dots of the pain we feel now to where they are connected in the brain which is holding the triggering events.

Update:  the book is actually in its final, final stage of publication.  What an unexpected journey that has been for me.  Detail work I never expected, all of it good though.

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