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I hope that it is merely ignorance that keeps us from understanding that rape is a brush with death.  In Cleveland, OH police found the bodies of at least 10 women, maybe more.  Anthony Sowell is pleading innocence due to insanity. 

Well, insanity is not the issue.  Keeping others safe from him is.

Sowell spent 15 years in prison for a 1989 rape.  That is an unusually long sentence, but he needed ‘Life Without Parole.”  He is not the first rapists to end up killing.  It appears to be a common progression.  Yet, we seem to take rape and other forms of sexual violence less seriously than murder.  Why is that?  The recidivism rate for sexual violence offenders is nearly 100%.  While prison facilities may  be bad and overcrowded, is the answer to let women like his victims pay the price of his actions?  Let him suffer in prison. 

If there are any successful recovery programs out there for such perpetrators, please, let us hear from you.  They are desperately needed. 

Are you a survivor who feared she was going to die?

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