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Hopes and Dreams Coming True

One of my greatest hopes is that a faith-based revolution would begin where there would be so much education, resources, and help going on that survivors of sexual violence would be getting help within these communities.  The following is one example that is going on now:

What is happening at your church? I am praising GOD! I just had a meeting with Pastor Ray and shared with him my curriculum and plans for the 12 week Christ-Centered Sexual Violence Recovery Group for Women which will be staring Jan. 16th. He approved everything.  With the help of our office manger all the materials look very professional. I will have this new ministry “Renew” announced in the church bulletin, put on our churches web site, as well as we will be sending out an email to all the women in our church body starting this month.

I am trusting God to provide childcare volunteers as well as prayer partners …this is what I am working on now, plus I will be talking to our MOPS group that meets at our church and also will be putting our meeting notice in our local paper.

Without your help so many years ago I would not be emailing you of this news…God is so GOOD…taking what the enemy meet for evil and making good out of it. I love His promise in Romans 8:28. O! I have started to share this with the women I am mentoring that have sexual violence in their back ground and so far the two I have shared this with plan to attend this group. So thank you so much for your recent help and encouragement.

would like to share some of the information on your great web site with this group. Would that be okay with you?

And beyond…..for men also.  All the shame, secrets, and power the secrecy has can all be overcome.

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