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Hard to Believe

Sure seems hard for me to believe that the Thanksgiving/Holiday season is already upon us.  Busy-ness has already begun in our home as we are looking forward to friends and family coming to stay for awhile in December.  So, we are off to an early start.  The real test for me is to not get too busy.  I don’t want to rush or get impatient.  I want to practice Sabbath within my heart and let that peace flow out to others…an impossible task within my own limited powers.  Thank you Jesus for Your Holy Spirit who helps us live like You did on this earth.  Help us to depend on the Spirit’s power to change us.

I spent the better part of today doing a few more book edits.  Just some tweaks, but important to me.  I am really looking forward to more book discussions after the first of the year.  I will post dates and locations on this blog.

What is amazing to me is that if I had books on hand to sell, I had four different activities last week where people were wishing I did so they could buy them that way.  Well, I assure you I am remedying that situation.  I was also amazed at a 5 star rating by one reader on Amazon.  I hope more will rate and state what they did and did not like.  I always find the best policy is to take what I like and leave the rest; a wise 12 step principle. Yes, this has been the year of the big book completion.  I learned a lot about the publication process and some weaknesses within me during the process.  I invite learning truth about myself.  In this case I learned a couple of lessons that I will change going forward.

We are away visiting friends next week.  I hope you all have a thankful Thanksgiving day.

Amazingly, my son will be moving to Sydney Australia for a fabulous promotion as revenue manager for a company covering Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  He leaves the first of January next year.  This is a huge event in our family and for him.  He will just be in the states a few more weeks!

Well, with being gone for awhile next week, then Christmas parties starting and company rolling in and out I may not be posting anything until the new year.  Just have to see how thing roll along and what new events are happening in the world.

By the way, if anyone is interested in following up on the Kristen Cunanne story, here is the link.  To blame a child for her sexual abuse is outrageous, yet sadly common.


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