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Happy Belated New Year

Well, this has been a much longer break from blogging than expected.  I do hope you all had some fun celebrating our Lord’s birthday.  It can be the toughest time of year for so many survivors.  We were fortunate to celebrate some record snowfall by taking my great nephew for his first snowboarding lesson.  He is 5.  He vacillated about trying it, but once he saw the kid’s area all done up with Star Wars he was all in.  After this first lesson he asked his mom if he could snowboard instead of go to kindergarten, which he loves.  I asked him if he loved it as much as Star Wars and he said the same.  That is highest rating.

Also, I had a great reference from the Hadassah organization on the book discussion they had me do.  So, I just thought I would include it here to let anyone know who might want to have one.  They can be in homes, conference rooms, churches, etc.  It can be for any interested audience.


I have attached a copy of Sequoia’s Sept bulletin with information on the talk that you gave for our chapter, which was quite a success with the audience.
Please feel free to forward it to any Hadassah group that is interested in your presentation.

In addition, I have also copied Jane Jacobson of the Sharone chapter, which I believe includes Los Gatos, Saratoga and surrounding communities.
And I have copied Ginny Baird, our Region President, so that both are aware of you as a potential speaker for other groups.

Your presentation was outstanding.
Thank you again.”

Wow, it was God working through me and  I felt His presence in a powerful way.

Right now I have a dear dear friend whose sister is suffering immensely from holding a secret well into her forties, the “empty nest” is a classic time for survivors to start to show the symptoms.  She has reached out for help, but it is so hard for her to trust and feel safe with anyone.  Of course, it has also brought to the fore marriage problems that have always been there, but now she is changing and not wanting to be a victim anymore.  Her secret has not completely come out yet.  I applaud her choice to get on the Recovery Road.  She is moving ever so slowly and that is Ok.  She is writing and writing.  As I write in my book, her emotional cancer is coming out in her writing.  It is the only way she can speak to her counselor and that is fine and great.

God bless you all.



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