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Good Tidings of Great Joy

Three amazing Tidings of Great Joy

I.  One YWCA rape crisis center helped 1,816 survivors to ease the traumatic aftermath of sexual assault.  Through their prevention programs 360 children and youth received assault prevention training.

II.  Another amazing group is called Misssey (  The following is what they do:


Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth (MISSSEY) advocates and facilitates the empowerment and inner transformation of sexually exploited youth by holistically addressing their specific needs. MISSSEY collaborates to bring about systemic and community change to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and youth through raising awareness, education and policy development.

Vision Statement:
We envision a world where children are protected and free from sexual exploitation.


6-Point Platform
  1. We want Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) and sexually exploited youth to be recognized as victims instead of criminals. CSEC are victims of child sexual abuse in the form of sexual exploitation, not child prostitutes.
  2. We want education and awareness to be brought to the issues surrounding CSEC. The commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth occurs in many forms including child prostitution.
  3. We want a comprehensive service model and crisis center to be established for CSEC. CSEC need and deserve specialized treatment, as well as non-judgmental, maternal, and innovative services provided by a youthful staff with relevant life experience.
  4. We want CSEC to be provided with services focusing on their healing and recovery. Creating a permanent record of a child’s sexual exploitation through media or any other means further exploits the child.
  5. We want a national movement initiated that recognizes the issue of CSEC, which will require law enforcement, the juvenile justice system, and social services to respond to CSEC as victims instead of criminals. CSEC are victims of physical, mental, and psychological abuse as well as sexual abuse, and need protection regardless of their ability to cooperate.
  6. We believe that the sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth are serious criminal offenses against a highly vulnerable population. We want serious consequences imposed on anyone who sexually abuses or commercially sexually exploits children, especially involving child or teen prostitution

III.  And last, but not least, I just got news of a church whose pastor is extremely receptive to having a group for sexually violated women in his church.  That should start sometime next year.



  1. This is great stuff Sherrill. Thank you for continuing to lead the charge on this topic!

  2. Sherrill…I am so thankful to God for you and how He is restoring what the enemy meant for evil through the great work you are doing on this topic. It is a joy to see Him working in and through you…He will give you everything you need to be strong and let your heart take courage to do His work. I look forward with great expectation to His upcoming almighty works.

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