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Girl 27

Hello all,

I’m I bit under the weather today so I am just going to tell you about a movie that was made in 1937, “Girl 27”.  It is under historical documentaries on Netflix I believe.  It is amazing to me that it was made at all, but a very compassionate and determined writer pursued the stories, particularly of girl 27 who was a real courageous fighter against all odds.

I recommend it for all those who doubt or are interested in the lifelong ramifications of unhealed SV.  She also had pain from her childhood and while that contributed to her adult problems, it is quite obvious the rape was really a central theme of deterioration for her that it is sad to see.  Another woman is mentioned who told also.  The scandal in the movie of how these women were set up and used, revealed the attitudes of the movie industries leaders and is pretty amazing (well, not really I suppose).

I am glad there are (or at least I found one in Pennsylvania, “Men Against Rape“) men who are willing to organize against rape.  It is really, really needed to help bring us all out of the still prevalent attitudes, outdated laws, and to build new thinking in men.  Let’s all pray and hope for more of these.  It reminds of something I included in the book where Dr. Peggy Sanday found a fraternity of men not only against rape, but committed to protecting the women who came to frat parties.  A unique contrast to the average fraternity.


  1. Vera DeMay says

    Please explain the difference between sexual violence (SV), sexual assault (SA) and sexual exploitation of girls without violence (and assault implies violence)? The victim of sexual exploitation is also dealing with the life-long ramifications of this crime done against her yet, there is also great guilt that the victim carries with her that isn’t addressed.

  2. Did your question get answered? If not, please tell me what is missing for you.

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