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Fun Yesterday

Website improvements are on their way!

One of the first is getting my picture on it.  So, yesterday I had a photo shoot.  I do not like to have my picture taken, so I did all I could to get a good one as once this goes on the internet it is permament and can go everywhere, as we know. 

So, I had my hair done.  I throughly enjoyed it.  My hairdresser’s name is Rose.  She took special care to style the cut.  Then, I had my make-up done.  Imagine that.  I lounged and relaxed in all the pampering!

Then, it was straight to the photographer.  I brought three different colors and styles of tops for her to choose from.  It was a studio picture.  All those white umbrellas were hanging around and everything.  Amazing, the fancy camera she had. 

So, I am now waiting for the results.  Yes, I admit to some vanity.  I hope at least one of them turns out good.  My web coach said you all needed to know me.  So, in addition to the picture, there will be some information about me added to the website.  I can put some of that here for those that are reading the blogs.  I am finding out many people are reading them, but not feeling safe to write themselves.  So, just a reminder, you can make up a name and your email address absolutely does not get published.  It does go to me however.  So, you should know that.  If any of you want me to email you directly I can then do so, but only if you write out your permission.

About me:

I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years.  Prior to that I was a public school teacher and a stay-at-home mom for awhile.  My kids were young when Dr. Dobson first wrote about Home Schooling.  Having been a teacher I knew he was right on, as long as parents remained responsible to teach!  Well, I am off the subject here, so lets see.  I began my bachelor’s degree at Albion College in Albion Michigan.  I loved it there.  I ended up graduating from San Jose State though, due to finances.  I then did a year of graduate work for my teaching credential.  I have one of those Lifetime Credentials.   I understand they no longer give those out.  I taught for 5 years.  It was OK, but I did not love it.  It was a joy to quit and be home once the babies came. 

Through a series of events the Lord made it clear He was inviting me to become a therapist.  I was sure I could never finish a Master’s degree (Azusa Pacific University).  I almost quit a couple of times because I was sure I just could not write a paper well enough or for sure not pass the comprehensive exams at the end of the program!  Then, oh my gosh, I found out that in addition to having to earn 3,000 therapy hours as an intern therapist, I had to take an oral exam in addition to the written one.  Well, after the 4 years it took to get the hours (yes, in addition to the M.A.), it took another year to go through the exams.  Hard.  Impossible.  But, I made it through on the first go around for each. 

I assure you, God has landed me right into my passion.  I always have told any interns I was supervising that if God was calling them to this profession, He probably also had a special passion He wanted them to specialize in.  Over time, it became apparent that mine was sexual violence issues.  Oh, I can successfully treat a number of relationship problems as my license requires, but I have this one special passion.  It is to change our world.  Impossible.  But we are lost in a sea of no principles or absolutes on the subject of sexual violence.  We are the proverbial frogs in the frying pan, not even knowing we are dying.

Well, now you know a bit about me.

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