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Excuse Me?

Continuing on Child Pornography in the appendix of my book Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey……

How can any child be a prostitute?  They may get prostituted, but they are not prostitutes.

Andrew Vachss also writes, “The word ‘prostitue’ itself implies a judgement of character.  Don’t we call people who sell out their moral convictions in exchange for personal gain ‘whores?’  More important, prostitution implies a willing exchange.  Ultimately it implies that little children are ‘seductive,’ that they ‘volunteer’ to have sex with adults in exchange for cash (of course, the children never see any money at all).” (Andrew Vachss, “Watch Your Language,” Parade, June 5, 2005, 16) 

 On this blog I have mentioned a few times about how our language reveals the confusion about sexual violence versus sex.  Vachss does such a great job in writing about the same concept in the following excerpt from the same article….

“The difference between calling any child a ‘child-prostitute’ or a prostituted child’ is not purely semantic.  It is more than the difference between the hard truth and a pernicious lie.  The first term not only injures the victim, it actively gives aid and comfort to the enemy.  By allowing the term ‘child-prostitution’ to gain a foothold in our language, we lose ground that can never be recovered.”

Mr. Vachss calls for higher penalties, abolishment of any statutes of limitations, causing predators to be stripped of any and all property and profits, and recognition that this is an international crime.  YES!  WE MUST DO THIS!

Child advocacy groups estimate that two million children worldwide are working in the rape trade, predominately in third-wold countries.  It seems that it is American and European white males who are the predominate predators of these children.  International Justice Mission did an entire Dateline operation to rescue little girls in Cambodia, got therapy for them and returned them to their parents if possible.  This is a problem for the United States because of the growing problem of Americans traveling abroad to rape children.  You can find out what they are doing around the world at  In bringing charges, the U.S. government is relying on new laws that allow it to come down hard on citizens who plan international trips with the intent of buying time cheap to rape juveniles–even if the children are of the legal age to consent in their own country.  Chronicle staff writers Stephanie Salter and Elizabeth contributed to the above information.   (” Financier reported indicted in child sex case.  Businessman jailed in Thailand Awaiting Transfer to Mexico,” San Francisco Chronicle, April 16, 2004, Once again, please notice the language.  It is a great article, but it is not a ‘sex case,’ it is a ‘child rape case.’

In the appendix to my book that describes the types of rape I have identified, there is a sequence of Description,  Statistics, Example, and Commentary.  So, the first one was Acquaintance Rape.  I am now giving you Child Pornography.  I have written the most about this type of rape.  Even though it may not be as prevalent in our country as in third world countries, we must guard against letting that lull us into thinking it is not happening all over the world.  America is not free of this type of rape. 

My Commentary next time….

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