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Do You Want to Know the Numbers?

Well, before I go into research statistics, I just do want to say how privileged I was to be able to do a Forum on Sexual Violence last Saturday.  I thank the host, and all the courageous people who came.  My pastor, who has been my speaking coach in the past came, and gave me a great review, commenting that this is just what I seemed to be designed to do.  I do these free, except for travel expenses when appropriate.  This particular one was in a home.  I even did one in a bank conference room once! It was great fun!

Now, to the serious stuff.  This information is abbreviated from the research section, chapter 2, of my book, Redeem The Silence; An Unintended Journey.  In 1985 a study was done by Mary Koss, a psychologist and professor specializing in SV.  It was done on 3,000 college women.  Her conclusion was that 25% of all women will experience rape or attempted rape in her lifetime.  If we use that much quoted figure, then 25 out every women has experienced it.  How many women are in our faith communities?  What is the impact?  It is hard to make the choice to get on the Recovery Road and stay on it.  Mostly, we have the Walking Wounded among us.  That thought may help us realize why there are so many relational problems amongst us.

As I am doing this blog, I am finding that a very important number source was left out.  There are several other much more current statistics in chapter 2, but  I am appalled that this one was left out.  In The Promise Of Restoration by Fred Littauer the numbers are at the other end of the spectrum to consider.  Maybe some of you remember Florence Littauer, his wife.  She was a very prolific and well known Christian writer many years ago.  After Fred discovered the source of his anger was a very young incest and started his own Unintentional Journey, he and Florence began doing presentations at conferences.  In 1989 they started doing comprehensive surveys to find out how many people there had no awareness of what they call sexual interference.  The results were very startling to them.  They found that the results varied at different conferences between 40-70%.  Remember, these were people who were unaware of what had happened to them until the conference presentation.  Ah, the Walking Wounded.

But wait, there is more.  Think about this…”60% of sexual assaults are not reported tot he police…reporting has in creased since 1993.” (“Statistics,” Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, 2008,

Well, this is just a taste of the numbers.

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