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Do You Have The Courage? From agony to relief….

Do You Have The Courage?  From agony to relief….

I hope you all looked at the chart in the last post.  It is easy to look at and can bring so much understanding.  The following is a review of where I last left off with the process of brain Reorganization that picks up the pace after the initial Ravaged stages starts to ease.  This is the most courageous stage.  Suffering to some relief is this part of the Unintended Journey



Help is needed  at three levels after the initial aftermath of the physical care of the survivor.  One is what the survivor’s support system can give.  This can come from faith communities, close safe friends, healthy family, and or therapy and group therapy.  One author I read writes that group therapy has shown to be the most effective treatment.  There was no back up to that opinion that I could find.  However, it can be a very powerful part  of the treatment plan. Next is reading books, articles, and other educational sources about SV that provide some awakening and give a jumpstart to healing.  Writing, writing and writing is excellent.  Lastly, I am of the position that this surgery cannot be done alone and that some surgery will be needed.  Again, how deep the wound is, the quality of support  by the survivor’s family, friends, and community all affects the prognosis and treatment length.

How deep the wound is also affected by who, what, and how often.  One client had been raped once as a teenager.  While  the rapist had been an acquaintance, he was not in her usual community and did not have to see him again.  She had all of the best described above, thank God.  In three EMDR sessions, the lies were healed, she went right through positive Reorganization and Resolution.  This story took place many years ago and hopefully as she has lived her life she has chosen growth and Redemption.

The following is a review from a previous post about some approaches to ‘surgery’, no anesthesia I am afraid….so this stage takes a lot of courage and where the most brain/heart work takes place.

EMDR (Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization)

“In the broadest sense, EMDR is intended to alleviate human suffering and assist individuals and human society to fulfill their potential for development while minimizing risks of harm in its application. For the client, the aim of EMDR treatment is to achieve the most profound and comprehensive treatment effects in the shortest period of time, while maintaining client stability within a balanced family and social system.” The EMDR International Association’s website is now saying that after many controlled studies, most people are helped with this approach. For more information visit

PE (Prolonged Exposure Therapy)

PE “is a theoretically based and highly efficacious treatment for chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and related depression, anxiety, and anger . . . it is empirically validated . . . a flexible therapy that can be modified to fit the needs of the individual clients . . . . Prolonged exposure produces clinically significant improvement in about 80% of patients with chronic PTSD.”50 For more information visit

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

CBT “is a psychotherapeutic approach, a talking therapy aimed at solving problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through goal-oriented, systematic procedure. The title is used in diverse ways to designate behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and to refer to therapy based upon a combination of basic behavioral and cognitive research.”51

Brainspotting and Emmanuel Healing are two other approaches that can be explored.  We are all uniquely made as the scripture says

Pictures of suffering to relief….brain Reorganization does this…..RkFZOm0


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