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What is it about us?  Why do we allow the sacrifice of our children?  What is our resistance to saving and protecting our children?  It is a sacred obligation that we as a people have an obligation to do.  What is wrong with our value system that we fail so miserable to do so?

Is a football team, a university, a job, a status, fear of exposure of what we know is right, etc. controlling us so profoundly that we just look the other way when we know a child/children is being sacrificed by a pedophile so an image can be saved?

God help us.

What in life is more important than loving a child…with his/her needs at the forefront, not our own!  It may be hard to understand, but when in 1998 a psychologist who investigated an allegation against the then Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky and found him to likely be a pedophile it would have been an act of love for Sandusky to have been charged and dismissed.  It was an optimal opportunity for him to get help.  He is obviously a man in a great deal of pain which he had multiple opportunities to act out on precious, precious children.  He damaged much more than their bodies.  He damaged their brains.  He himself not only would have had the best chance for his own healing, but the powers to be at Penn State might well have been held in esteem for their actions.  What a different scenario than what took place.  Truth faced, though so hard at times, is one aspect of how to love.

Instead, a wake of devastation occurred, even though there was a witness to one of the rapes and he reported it.  Does it matter that they found a psychologist who concluded that there was no assault and Sandusky did not fit the profile?  The reports and allegations did not go away over the years.  They were ignored.

The Penn State devastation is not just a stand alone situation.  Others are happening right now and will hopefully be exposed at some time.  Such situations make us a nation just as guilty to save our children as anyone who knew what Hitler was doing to the Jews and did nothing.

Courage to be You is one organization trying to save our children from being ‘prostituted’ (raped).  They are based in Rocklin, CA.  It happens to be an upper middle class area to live.  We must not lie to ourselves and think it not around us wherever we are.


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