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Courage House

Courage House is an organization that is really quite remarkable.  They are rescuing children out of being prostituted for their basic needs, such as food, a bed, shelter, etc.  We give to them so I get emails and I liked this one because of what they are discovering.  Meeting physical needs and providing safety and love does not heal their little hearts.  This concept is one I am fighting for.  I have said it before, but will again.  There is so much news now such as Penn State and the Catholic priests which is great.  But where have the survivors gone?  Do they realize they need help?  Are they getting it?  Is it really good help with well trained people?  We need to reach out to all survivors and stop being afraid of hearing their stories and accepting their truth.  Their suffering is affecting us all.  So, I offer you some info on what Courage House is doing and learning:

“Dear Courage House Family,

Thank you for showing your love for children who have been victims of sex trafficking ( as I say over and over, it is impossible to traffic sex, it is SV they are trafficking. ) Through your support, efforts, and prayers, we have seen lives changed and hope restored for many children who have called Courage House home. This is what that hope looks like:

Through your partnership and financial support, we can continue to give these children hope and change lives…. We have learned that building houses and bringing children home is not enough. They have suffered severe trauma and have extensive mental health and emotional needs. In fact, our budget has increased over the last year to address these needs and, as a result, we are short on funds each month.
Your gift—your statement of love for these children—will not only help us bring more children home to Courage House, it will help us provide the critical resources and support they need for healing.”
There is an organization in Oakland, CA that is similar for women.  I have tried to make contact but do not get a response.

These are wonderful resources.  I sure hope there are others too.  And, they are small drops in a huge bucket of need.  These women and children (and these are not just girls) are in every city in America.  They are all over the world.  This is why I published my book Redeem The Silence; An Unintended Journey. 

I got a call last week from a pastor at Venture Church in Los Gatos, CA.  The head pastor their is Chip Ingram, which some of you may know.  Chip asked him to read the book which he did.  He also checked me out with one of the pastors who endorsed it, as they happen to be friends.  He said something like ‘it was the hardest and most necessary book I have ever read.”  (I don’t remember the exact words but it was something like that).  The book is now being read by their women’s ministry leader.  If they take on the challenge I present to faith communities their courage will be unmatched.


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