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Continuing With Child Pornography

I am still in awe of what happened at church last weekend.  I have not cried even once during the writing of this material on child pornography.  I have not cried while working on it for the book or while blogging.  But I cried at church am still weepy. 

My pastor had left a comment on one of the Child Pornography blogs.  When I told him how I appreciated him doing that I just sort of started feeling so incredibly sad/grieved for all of these children that are suffering around the world.  I could not even speak for awhile after thanking him.  I just cried a bit.  Then, during prayer, I sensed this strong question….I could sort of ‘see’ it.  “Why not pray for the end of Child Pornography?”  Yes, why not?  Is such a request too big for our God?  Absolutely not.  I felt very compelled to pray for Child Pornography to end.  I am still praying for it.   Prayer is our most powerful resource.  Our God will lead the charge.  He is so beyond our comprehension creative, I look forward to the ways He will do this.  We can become a rape-free culture.  We do have some examples of how to do it…..see previous blogs for ideas……and if we really want it, pray for it, and follow in obedience to the Word of God, we can do it with His help. 

OK, now for my Commentary on Child Pornography:

Our culture must be begin to treat so called “simple-possession” of child pornography as the heinous crime it is.  Every purchase of child pornography encourages further growth of the business:  from “custom” child pornography–the same of images of child rape created to order for this consumer–to “real-time” child pornography, where subscribers pay to watch the streamed online rape of children as it occurs.  Still another market exists in recorded images of children being physically abused, even tortured.  Some of these are marketed outright for the gratification of the viewers, while others are camouflaged as “instructional material for disciplinarians.”

On a personal level, I’ve been getting interested in what some of my mutual funds are investing in since reading an article about investment companies who invest with moral integrity.  I found out that one of my American Funds invests in abortion, anti-family entertainment, gambling, and non-marriage lifestyle.  I do not support any of these industries and have made changes.  I was glad to find out that no apparent pornography investments were there.  My screening was not able to cover international funds, only domestic.  I want to continue to monitor these things.

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