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Continuing on Reorganization….

Boy, am I ignorant about book production.  The update today is that it has finished being line edited and will be sent to me to go over the proposed changes and get it back to them to begin production.  I really appreciate the thoroughness of the process, but obviously I was way off in my anticipation of it’s completion.

My first book discussion with Hadassah is Sept. 12 in Los Altos, CA.  I am really looking forward it.  I love question and answer times, and the group is all waiting to buy the book.

And, now to do a bit more on the brain Reorganization Stage…as I look at what I posted last time, I realize it would probably been best to have included the following paragraph.  The discussion was about finding a therapist who is qualified and a good fit for you, as you are the consumer.  So the end paragraph to that section is this:

“I know someone right now who has been to three or four Christian therapists.  She has now found an excellent fit and excellent therapy with someone from a day treatment program she was in.  The therapist is treating the rape (deep work) as well as addressing what I call the ‘upper level’ work of daily needs.  Good therapy deals with these two levels; the deep pain and the necessity of dealing with daily issues.

Subtitle:  Make Wise Choices

For your Reorganization/recovery road you always have choices.  You can choose where to start, where to continue, and where to go next.  You also need to carefully choose your support system.  If you have none, ask God to direct you.  You need this.  We all need it.  These need to be people who are compassionate, will not judge or try to fix/change you.  They will not tell you what you need to do, what they think is wrong with you, or give advice unless you ask for it.  They will be people who can just listen.  They will be glad to spend time with you.  They are soft hearted.  They will not pretend to understand what you are going through.  They may even be open to getting educated themselves about SV, what is helpful and what is not.  If you have one, two or three people in your life like this you are rich indeed.  Stay away from those who do not fit the above bill.  For various reasons they may just not be able to give you what you need.”

An end-note on this book excerpt is that there are groups and  rape-recovery centers like the YWCA.  There may be online groups, though in person is really more profitable.  There may be groups at some therapy centers.  If you have a friend and/or family member that can qualify, that is great.  And, a group added to that is the best.  Even a good 12 step group can help.  Maybe you have safe faith community leaders you can approach with the idea of finding a resource to start a group in your community.  I know someone who did this successfully.  It depends on the maturity of the leadership and please do not be discouraged if you find your faith community is not a good source.


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