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Christopher Miller And What About Our Children?

This post is written my husband, Dr. Robert Nielsen.  He also contributed a chapter to the book.

This morning I read an article dated July 28th in the San Jose Mercury News about Christopher Miller, a convicted pedophile who gamed the system repeatedly going in and out of the prison system for short spurts,  until he was finally charged with 22 counts, and finally faces 69 years in prison.   Why did it take this long to protect our children?   His deception and manipulation over the years of course also allowed him to violently abuse multiple children along the way.  What is for me most disturbing however again is the California system with it’s post modern values that refuses to face the reality of it’s own culpability for these horrendous acts.

As the article describes the historical sequence of events, child pornography was repeatedly used by Miller throughout his violent pedophilia lifestyle, and though child porn is illegal in California, it is not thought of as “violent”.  In the article it states…..  “for the 1999 and 2002 cases, Miller was sentenced to 32 months in prison for child pornography (among other things), but because none of the charges was considered violent or serious, he only had to serve half the sentence.  Two California penal codes determine which crimes are “violent” or “serious”; none of the child pornography offenses falls into either category.”

Language is very important.  When pedophiles use child porn it IS violence toward that child.  The pedophile certainly does not “love” the child, and in fact hates the child.  Love treasures others for their intrinsic worth and does not manipulate or exploit others for personal gain.  Rather, it sacrifices itself for the sake of the gain and benefit of others.    The pedophile is using that child only to gratify their own emotional/sexual/psychological compulsions at the indifferent expense of everything else, and as it was pointed to repeatedly it leads to physical sexual violence.   We are deceiving ourselves to think that the only kind of violence is physical violence.  The Bible says that murder starts in the heart with anger (Matthew 5: 21, 22).    It’s on a continuum, but no less violent.  When we use others, we are hating them, and certainly not loving them, certainly not seeking their best interest.  The violence starts there.   Post modern thinking at it’s core refuses to say categorically that something is always wrong.    Hating and murder are always wrong.  To say this pornography is not violence only helps to perpetuate the myth of post modern relativism, and provides the pedophile with more latitude for rationalizing their behavior, and provides more lubrication to slip through the California legal system.  When will California legislators call this what it is… violence toward our children?

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