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Catching Up

Hello all, we just returned from a nice trip visiting some of our country’s (USA) national parks, landmarks, and even getting to stay in a national historic hotel.  We went through the Oregon caves.  So fascinating.  We wanted to do the 3 hour off trail caving experience but were too early in the year.

Back to business.  For sure the book Redeem the Silence; An Unintended Journey is at press.  I do not have a release time yet.  I may have mentioned this fact already, but just in case, my first book discussion that I was invited to do is Sept. 12.  The group is waiting to buy the book.  It will be available on this website, Westbow Press, Amazon, and whoever else the publisher gets it to for sale.

S0, one of the things I write about in the book is how far just some simple education in this area of Sexual Violence can go.  The Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky is apparently nearing it’s end.  On CBS I just reviewed some of the accusations, witnesses, and even some of what he admits to.  But what I was really struck with this week was a CBS radio report that one of the moms had thought it strange that her son kept having missing underwear.  I tried to find some more information on this report online today, but found nothing.  I heard such a brief radio report on it.  It got me thinking…

What would I have done with such a strange problem when my son was a boy?  Would I have been a safe, inquiring, gentle soul for him so he might be able to tell me what had happened to the missing underwear?  Or would I have been too shame based to even mention the issue to him?  After all, he might have been a teenager and that would be even harder.  Or, would I maybe consciously or unconsciously have thought it best to ignore it and avoid stirring up any potential problems?  I do not know what this mother did.  I was trying to find that out.

It is sooo easy to ignore what are really strange occurrences.  I write in my book about a boy maybe 10 years old whose dad had abandoned him.  His mother had him in scouts and was looking for good men to influence his life.  His scout leader invited him to join their family on a weekend camping trip.  When he was picked up after the trip the boy said in anger that he never, never wanted to go with that man again.  Then, although his sleeping bag was taken home, it mysteriously disappeared and he would not talk about it.  Was this child molested?  The child’s anger and the missing sleeping bag were enough evidence that questions needed asked in a way the child might talk.  If not, a visit to a child counselor was in order.

Remember, the Code of Silence rules this vast horror.  Threats, promises, preying on a child’s unmet needs, and many more subterfuges are used to keep the victims quiet.  Some education could go a long way in helping us to read the signs and to give us tools to do the courageous.

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