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“Boy Scouts now a leader in combating child sex abuse”

Change is happening and generates some hope.  While it is true that the Penn State tragedy would seem to have had lax policies on protecting children from SV, kudos were given especially to the Boy scouts who themselves have been plagued by abuse related lawsuits.  So, in one of the lawsuits Penn State is facing, a link was made to the Boy Scouts and it was good.

This article is written by Associated Press writer David Crary.  I am so glad he took note of what is happening.  All too often what is happening in the world that is good gets ignored!

“The Boy scouts prevention policies are considered state of the art. Apparently other organizations like the YWCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America are also getting good scores.  “I’d give them all an A-+, said Portland’s State University psychologist Keith Kaufman who has studied ad treated child sex abuse victims.

“The Boy Scouts have the most advanced policies and training,” said Victor Vieth, a former prosecutor who heads the National Child Protection in Minnesota.  “With even the slingshot violations there’s no debate.  Someone who transgresses one of their rules in moved out–you don’t need to give them a second chance.”

Well, no system is fool-proof, but taking the issue seriously and doing all that can be done to protect our precious children is imperative.

I cringe at the use of ‘sex abuse’ as you readers well know.  Sex has nothing to do with this abuse.  It just gets so confused because say, the perpetrator might use a penis instead of a gun to violate a child or anyone.   Threats to keep silent are almost universal. Fear and terror usually work to keep the Code of Silence.

I know of a young boy who went on a camping trip with his scout leader and his family.  When he was picked up afterwards, he got in the car and was so angry, saying that he was never, never going to go with that man again.  When asked why, what happened, he would not answer.  Then, strangely his sleeping bag went missing.  It definitely had been put it in the trunk, yet the parents double checked with the family anyway.  No, they did not have it.  They looked everywhere.  They all had really good matching sleeping bags, so this was a sad loss.  Gradually hope of finding it faded.  This young boy would only deny he knew what had happened to it.  Had he disposed of it somewhere?  The parents were not then trained to see the signs and question him more about it.  The missing sleeping sleeping bag being a possible connection to abuse was not thought of until years later.  The intense anger and demand never to go with them again was also a clue.  It turns out he had been molested and no one in his then present world knew how to hear the ways he was communicating.

Praise God protection has tightened up and may parents around the world get educated about how to read the signs and be able to listen, care, and get their child help.

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