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Bayside Compassion Project

There is no better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than through sharing compassion with others. Matthew 25:40 says, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” And so, we are excited to launch our first-ever Easter Compassion Project! We’ll be partnering with Courage To Be You, an international non-profit organization that helps people discover their purpose in life. C2BU is a firm believer that “in doing this, the world is changed… one individual at a time.”

courage-house-smRecently, C2BU purchased a house in Placer County so that they can begin to rescue underage girls from sex trafficking. They note, “It’s more than a house. It’s more than a shelter. It’s a home—a place to belong, a place to receive comfort, security, safety, and love. Every human longs for one. Every human deserves one.” C2BU also notes, “without the construction of the Courage House, young victims must be charged with a crime and taken to Juvenile Hall— the only safe group ‘house’ that currently exists.”

This Easter, we’re asking our Bayside family to join us in helping and hoping for the future of the girls that will come through the Courage House. Wristbands will be sold for $5 at each of our Easter services. Your $5 contribution will assist with the expenses required to care for each girl that enters the Courage House. So come out, celebrate Easter at Bayside and make a difference in the lives of young girls in our community through the Bayside Compassion Project.

Just a note….we need to change our language.  It is not sex-trafficking.  It is rape-trafficking or prostitution-trafficking.  Depending on the age of the girls, they can actually be charged with prostitution, when they have been maybe abducted, maniputlated to get basic needs met, and/or threatened. 

This story is from Bayside Community Church which I believe is in the Sacramento, CA area.  What hope that something is beginning…..C2BU sounds like an interesting and unique group.  They are right.  A home must be provided where basic needs are met to get these girls safe.  Sounds similar to, which I blogged about last December.   I do not know if misssey is a Christian organization.  I hope to connect with their executive director tomorrow and find out more. 

The above was posted March 30, 2010.  So, I guess this began last year.   May this movement spread across the nation….world.

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