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April…Wear Denim to Work Day…Sexual Violence Awareness Month

Yes, it is an a month that is actually set aside to promote awareness of the sexually violent world we live in, though few seem to know about it.  I wrote about it in my book.   I have included information about a Survivor’s Healing Center that seems to be unique to the country.  It is one of the things I am praying and hoping and attempting to encourage to spread.  This pastor says it is child abuse awareness month, but it is actually a bit more.  Will you wear denim to work and show your support?

The following was sent to my pastor;

“I’d like to introduce a community program to you that I feel is very important for you to know about.  It may be that God will use it to bring emotional and spiritual healing to members of your church family. It’s called Survivor’s Healing Center .

Survivors Healing Center (SHC) offers group therapy to survivors of child sexual abuse. They help empower youth and adult survivors through a therapeutic healing process and work to prevent sexual abuse of children in our community through outreach and education.  SHC has been providing services in Santa Cruz County for the past 25 years and has one of the most comprehensive programs for survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States . And while not specifically “faith-based”, SHC can be one of the tools used by God to help people in your church family begin the process of healing and recovery from child sexual abuse.

On Saturday, April 6, Survivor’s Healing Center is hosting their 7th annual Walk to Stop the Silence in Watsonville (see the attached poster).  It is a time for people to stand up together to say “No More!” to this awful legacy that has been handed down through generations throughout the world.

I will be walking this year and I invite you to join me.  You don’t have to be a donor or get pledges to walk. However, you can participate by making a donation to the walk and support Survivors Healing Center ‘s programs by going to

Thanks for considering this important service in our community and please be praying for Survivor’s Healing Center in their fight to end child sexual abuse in our community.”

I tried to copy their flyer here but it did not work.  Please use the above link for more information.

I am going on vacation in April and will not be posting any blogs until May.  I hope all of you who are Christians will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and really know it for the opportunity to resurrect of new life within.  It is why I do this blog and wrote the book.  No one, absolutely no one needs to be stuck in the destruction this evil can do.  get on the Healing Journey to New Life!!


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