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An Editorial

The following is an editorial from the newspaper.  It is about church investigations that are forcing change.  It struck me because it is written by a Catholic and there are two statements makes that I find encouraging.

‘”Edward Donati’s assertion (Letters Feb.22) that certain Catholic Church tenets and doctrines “…will not change …” is debatable.”‘

This first assertion that change is a hopeful outcome is possible and desirable is fantastic.  He goes on…

“More importantly, what has changed is external to the church.  Now, some Catholic leaders are being investigated and indicted for alleged crimes and, in some cases, sentenced.  For that, as a member of the Catholic Church and as a citizen I am grateful.”  Henry Organ

There may be other laws broken too, but the news continues to center around sexual violations.  Therefore, I think we can safely assume that at least the primary references to hope for change and the law stepping in and doing its job is that he is referring to the incredible sexual violations. These reports have come out over many years now.  Perhaps the author does not mention sexual violence directly is his probably unconscious Code of Silence operating within himself.  The distinct possibilities of cover up all the way up to the Pope is unconscionable. Even the much loved Pope Paul let the issue sort of slide by.

As I have said before, it is great that these reports are being exposed, including others such as Penn State and the national swim teams.  Yet, the survivors need help.  They are damaged and if they stay stuck in their coping mechanisms instead of taking a healing journey their potential will never be realized and they will most likely live a life of pain.


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