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Amazing God Inspired First Book Discussion

Honestly, I was a nervous wreck preparing for the book discussion last Wednesday.  If you will recall, I was invited by Hadassah, an International  Jewish organization.  We met at a  movie preview of “Miss World.”  I was glad to hear the movie is nearly done.  They thought they would be done last April as did I!  Ha!  I had a lot to learn about the publishing process.  In fact, I will still be working on the book and making changes.  It is fun to hear  that people are buying it.  As I said last Wednesday, some will like it, some won’t, and some will be wise enough to take what they like and leave the rest.  One man at the discussion said that when he got to chapter 3 he just could not put it down.  Well, that was amazing to me because I was afraid it would be a boring chapter.  Of course, it will be for some, just not for others.  The following are some comments that were sent afterwards:
“You did a great job tonight.  You inspire me to continue through the hard stuff in order to heal.  At first I was uncomfortable being there, because I have always had therapists that keep very strict boundaries.  Your honesty and willingness to share is amazing.”
              said she really enjoy listening to the discussion and was very blessed by it.”
You did great last night.  Both       and      were glad they went.  One thing that really struck me was that even though the topic is heavy, the feeling on the room was light.”  Only God can do that!
It would have been OK to receive critical feedback too.  I do have to say though that I got a standing ovation.  I just loved doing it.  By the way, the woman from Hadassah who had invited me to do the discussion had gone to First Republic Bank in Los Altos to change Hadassah’s banking.  Well, chatting with the bank manager resulted in an invitation to use their conference room.  It was beautiful, roomy, and the bank provided amazing food!  Do you believe it?  Someone asked me if I had rented the room or something.  In addition, the bank manager wants me back to speak with other groups like the Rotary club.  I feel so blessed and can hardly wait until the next one.
One big boo-boo was that ignorant that I am, I did not bring books to sell there.  I did not know author’s did that.  Well, of course that will be corrected.
My husband and I celebrated the book’s publication by going away for a weekend and doing some fun thing.  Yes, we broke open the champagne too!
It will be about 3 weeks before the next blog post.

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