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A Visit to the Dentist

Yesterday I had to go to the dentist for an unplanned sort of urgent need.  I am having a crown and filling done, and the lab wanted a new imprint of something.  My dentist asked me if I was in pain during the process and I shook my head no (don’t you just love it the way they ask you questions and you can’t talk?).  Then he asked me if I was having fun, and we both laughed.  Good to laugh with one’s dentist.  But, in the waiting room I discovered an article that my heart is breaking about. 

The magazine is November 7, 2010 Newsweek.  The title is “The Super Bowl of Sex Trafficking, by Michelle Goldberg.  Well, one of my big things is how our language needs to change.  It is impossible to traffic sex.  This is an article about Rape Trafficking.  Let’s call these things by the real words folks.  Sex is only possible between two consenting adults. 

That said, I learned that human trafficking accompanies major sports and entertainment event.  This fact is something I had never even thought about.  So, with more than 100,000 fans flooding into Dallas for the Super Bowl, the demand was great.  The Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbot knew that hundreds of victims, little and grown, would be brought into the area. 

Turns out Texas runs a second to California for the ‘honor’ of being the  Rape Trafficking  capitol of what, the United States?   The article does not say.  The good news is that Texas took the threat of such trafficking seriously.  “The involvement of the attorney general and law enforcement if far greater greater than anything we’ve seen before,” says Malika Saada Saar, the executive director of the Rebecca Project for Human Rights…”  The FBI and other law enforcement offices had almost two dozen extra staffers just to investigate and arrest pimps and johns who trade little girls. 

There is also a positive change regarding an understanding of prostitution. These women need help, not jail.  “Sometimes, if not frequently, people who are seemingly offering up prostitution services are victims of human trafficking….they are victims of a crime.”  This fact may be hard to understand, but their pimps may control whether or not they have a place to stay, food to eat, and clothes.  More than that, they must bring in enough to give the pimp a nice profit.  Not doing what they have been trafficked into can result in deprivation, beatings, and even death. 

Of course, there are those that prostitute themselves and are on their own by choice.  In this situation a crime has been committed.  In the above, these girls and women need help to get out of the system.  Fighting back in this positive way is the best way to fight the pimps and john.  Let’s help them lose their income.  If they can be arrested and convicted, all the better.

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