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A Very Brave Man

There is a man, a very brave man, and I will call him Ted.  He has a fine wife and five very fine children.  He is a wholehearted Christ follower, and he is a broken man with weaknesses.  He is also mature enough to face his brokenness and seek help. That is what makes him so brave.

He has been in therapy for several months using a treatment approach called Immanuel Healing.  (see

There are two types of Traumas.  Like nearly all of us, things weren’t ideal for him as a child.  He grew up with many Type A traumas (i.e. he didn’t get what he should have gotten as a child).  Simply put, these are traumas that happen as a baby is born and raised and loved imperfectly or perhaps not loved well at all.  These traumas are not easily seen and therefore difficult to heal.  Type B traumas (i.e. getting what we should NOT have gotten) are more physical, such as getting robbed, mugged, raped, molested and or beaten up.  These traumas are more visible, and more easily healed than type A traumas .

Ted came for help with his type A traumas. He has been receiving healing with IM (Immanuel Healing) for several months now. Jesus has shown him the places of his wounding and has spoken truth and comfort that has permanently changed Ted.  He journals about what has changed as a result of these healings.  We have rejoiced together.

As a young man Ted had an amazing encounter with God that profoundly changed him. I confess to a bit of wishful thinking, that I too could have had such a powerful experience. In light of that, this event became part of his therapy for what is called his Appreciation Memory as part of the healing process.

And then there was a Big One… a very significant healing.   Jesus showed him a memory of a time when he was 5 years old.  This memory has resulted in deep wounding for him, and from him toward his family (i.e. we wound people with our wounds).  The trauma memory involved his dad and him, as a child cowering in fear beneath dad’s stern look and words, afraid of ever saying anything for fear of getting hit and/or beaten up again.  This scene happened many times as Ted was growing up.  It was normal life at his house.

During this healing session, Jesus showed Ted how He was there with him in the memory, and He spoke to Ted, validating and comforting him. Jesus first changed the picture of the memory.  He stood between Ted and his dad, a buffer for Ted to look at Him instead of his dad.  Then he covers Ted with protective armor.  Then he said “It’s not your fault your dad didn’t enjoy you.”  Instantly Ted began crying. He had been unaware that he had believed the lie that it was his fault.  All through his body he experienced Jesus’s healing truth. Something profound happened in this session as we both wept over what Jesus had done.

I can recall several super healings from many years of practice with sexual assault survivors in particular.  Great as these were/are, nothing has ever affected me like this session.  When Ted left my office that day, I fell into a deep indescribable worship time. 

Ted continues to work on his maturity issues as an ongoing lifestyle.  I have been blessed to be with him in this process, and his family is so blessed to have him show up in a new way as husband and dad.

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