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A Big Fat Worm

As survivors, it is common to have the repercussions of our aftermath of sexual violence cause family difficulties. So, when opportunities for fun and good memory making happens it is so fabulous.  So it was with me this past weekend…

We went camping with that little guy that made me great; remember him?  My great nephew (like I said earlier, I knew I would somehow be great!!)  He is now three and a half.  No longer a baby.  What a blast we had.  He brought his parents along so that made it even better.  That little niece whose diapers I changed just yesterday is now in her 30’s, tall and beautiful. 

It was hers and her son’s first real camping experience.  He was a little helper for some of the camp set-up, but soon lost interest and just wanted to run and play. Imagine that.  That first night was an adventure.  My niece prepared such a feast we could not eat it all.  Grilled Mahi Mahi, sweet potatoes, salad, asparagus, etc.  By the time we ate and cleaned up, us old people were quite exhausted.  The great thing about letting a 3 year old run and run and run is that hopefully he too will become exhausted at some point and sleep. 

He loves other kids and so wanted to play with others who were camping.  He is a social butterfly.  We are hoping for a sibling soon, as he will love it!  The best memories of the weekend with this special young man are with worms and bugs.  At one point he saw a worm.  I went over to him and we watched this worm work its way into the dirt and leaves.  I invited him to pick it up.  He said ewwwww, no.  So, I caught the worm on a stick and we put it in a cup.  He was fascinated.  It was so long.  A big fat worm.  I mean it.  After awhile he lost interest and the worm, still in the cup was set aside. 

Awhile later he came up to me and said something like “Auntie, the worm needs let go.”  So, we looked at it, and sure enough, poor thing was in distress and hardly moving.  So, together we let it go.  We watched it and talked about what it was doing as, once again, it was winding its say into the underbrush.  He still would not touch it and told me to.  So, yes, I brushed it’s “back.”  I was reminded of walking outside after it rained and collecting worms with my son when he was a similar age.  Ahh…such a sweet memory.  But, this little guy was not even going to touch this worm, let alone pick it up.  My son did just pick them up, and never challenged my bravery (or cowardice) to do so also.  I teased this little guy about not even touching it….but the no was definite.  He is the sweetest little guy. 

Another memory maker was getting a squirt gun and creating his own web-game by shooting all the ants he could find.  He squatted down, search diligently and safely delivered all the downed logs by our site of all ants.  Oops, almost put down aunts instead of ants. 

He loves camping.  We love camping, and made plans for it to be an annual adventure together.  Yay!

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