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Is There Empirical Evidence Of Healing?

Is There Empirical Evidence Of Healing?

What evidence might be had that a brain is healed from sexual assault?  I have a story.

I went to a psychologist a few years ago for Neuro-feedback to find out if it would help relieve a pain condition I suffer from.  He became extremely puzzled when he was taking some history.  When I talked about my rape I had joy on my face and was excited about my work.  Bless his heart, he studied this website, got my book, and acknowledged the importance of my faith .

He then asked if me if I would be willing to do bio/neurofeedback with him asking all the detailed questions about the attack that he wanted to.  I said sure, and so we did it.  Although delighted, I was not surprised by the results.  The psychologist however, was stunned!  He said never in his experience had there ever been such results and he did not expect them.

I tell this story to let you all know there can be some empirical, physical evidence of healing.  I told this story once in one of my presentations and didn’t think much about it.  It was when a former client who was attending a second presentation reminded me how important this part of my story is for others to hear.

The Unintended Journey follows in four basic stages.  They are not perfectly lineal, in that ‘done with one, let’s move on to the next’ so to speak.  Instead one might think of a line with points where it feels as if you are going backwards, yet the truth is you never go completely back to the beginning.  So the healing journey is a gradual movement forward.  Will you make the choice to take the Unintended Journey?

994735211-quote-Julia-Cameron-growth-is-an-erratic-forward-movement-two-9593The stages of  healing movement are what I call the four R’s.

  • Ravaged
  • Reorganization
  • Resolution
  • Redemption

Two blogs ago I briefly wrote a bit about my own Ravaged stage.  The following might represent what is happening in the brain at this stage.

eyes brain circuit haywire malfunction


The following are true brain scans of before healing and after healing.  Notice how the ‘fire’ has ‘died down’ afterwards.

picture-2Next time a bit about Reorganization.


  1. Sherrill this is an amazing blog article and what an amazing evidence for the fact that people like Dr. David Benner has been espousing for years that the process of “Christian Spiritual Formation” transforms more than that which is spiritual but it also is transformative emotionally and psychologically. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

  2. Thank you Al. Knowing you all these years I really respect what you have to say.

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